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The British Columbia Association of Community Response Networks (BC CRN) grew out of the need to create an on-going, permanent provincial funding and support structure for the benefit of vulnerable adults who are experiencing abuse, neglect and self-neglect. The Association provides small project funding, materials, training, support people and maintains a website to assist Community Response Networks in their work. As well, provincial teleconferences are held on a monthly basis with all CRN members and interested parties invited to join the conversation.

In May 2017, Canada’s National Census revealed that for the first time ever, seniors outnumber children in Canada. There are now 5.9 million seniors, compared to 5.8 million Canadians aged 14 and under. Federal and provincial policy-making that affects older Canadians has never been more important.

At the local level, CRNs facilitate prevention and education activities with local stakeholders toward an end to abuse, neglect and self-neglect of vulnerable adults in British Columbia. In liaising at the provincial level through their Regional Mentors and the Executive Director, CRNs assist in identifying common themes, barriers and issues which require work at the regional, provincial and sometimes national level.

Chimo is a non-profit organization that prevents tragedies and saves lives. Chimo strengthens individuals, families, and communities. Chimo connects people with needed community resources. Chimo builds bridges of understanding.

Created in Richmond, British Columbia in 1973, Chimo Community Services now serves thousands each year from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, family lifestyles, and economic situations. Through nine program areas, Chimo provides diverse services from community building to prevention, from individual crisis support to advocacy, and from peer support to education. Chimo engages in collaborative community planning and develops innovative resources to address emerging needs.

Through crisis programs, Chimo serves people in immediate need. Through transition programs, people make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives, or establish themselves in their new country. Education encourages prevention and positively influences views and behaviours.

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Richmond CRN
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